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Kenya Albino Child Support (KACSU) was registered as community development Organization ( CBO ) in 2007 but in 2009 we registered the organization as an NGO with a new name of African Foundation for Education of Albino Children.( AFEAC). Our office is in Nairobi Kenya.

Kacsu is concerned with the welfare of poor Children with albinism in Kenya. We help the children with albinism to improve their chances in life by providing access to quality education and other basic needs.

For the last 10 years we have managed to support 150 children with albinism in various schools eg Kitui, Meru,Thika  Eldoret and Kibera.

We provide the following;

  1. Access to education
  2. Full school uniforms
  3. Sun lotion
  4. Hats
  5. Prescription glasses
  6. Good Clothing
  7. Sanitary pads for the girls
  8. Regular health checkups for skin , eyes etc


BUT since the beginning of 2014 we have had to scale down the number of children that the programme can support. This is for reasons that donor funding has reduced and not as consistence as before. We have settled on very desperate cases.  Children who without Kacsu can never  go to school. Children whose parents/guardians can barely make ends meet

We then started the concept of individual child sponsorship and out of 70 children we are fully supporting 16 have secured sponsors from various countries.

We hope by end of the year we will have secured sponsorship for all the children in the programme.


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