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My name is Mary Kiptoo. I am the Founder and Director of KACSU.

This is a Kenyan run non profitable organization.

I was born and raised in Kenya and was fortunate enough to attain good education.

I studied Law and am a practicing Solicitor.

I have coordinated work for Royal Dutch Visio for a period of 3 years ( Sept 2014 to Dec 2017) I have also coordinate work for FORCE Foundation –Netherlands in the East and Central Africa (2007 to 2018). Am passionate about Kenyan children been given the opportunity and resources to attend school. In particular I think the gift of education is even more of a necessity for the most vulnerable in our society as a means of making them independent and giving them the tools necessary to thrive in life.

It was approximately 10 years ago when I decided to dedicate my time and efforts to Children with Albinism. I wanted to use the resources and knowledge that I have acquired in life to provide these children with chance at life through education. Also to instill a belief in themselves and their future regardless of them being born with Albinism


There are many myths surrounding Albinism in African countries. These ideas are wide and varied and due to both ignorance and a lack of education if is a difficult task to create awareness of the true biological and physiological reasons for an individual to be born "white" to black parents.

Some parents "hide" their child or family member who has Albinism. Many are sent away from home due to the "shame" or "embarrassment" faced by them having a child with such obvious differences.

Some feel that their child is not "worthy" enough of an education and no attempts are made to school them. Such experiences can lead people with Albinism to have an inferiority complex, feel segregated and have poor connections with their communities and peers.

The goal of KACSU is to bring children with Albinism together and provide them with a homecare, food and education. At present there are 40 children with Albinism in my centre. Although their education in primary is government funded, KACSU provides them with food, uniforms, toiletries and sun protection.

There are 2 live in nannies employed who provide them with day to day care and one cook. Most of the food and milk consumed in KACSU is provided by our small 5.5acre farm a short distance from the centre.

The cost to keep a child in KACSU is:
€400 / US$500 per child in primary school and
€500 / US$625 for a secondary school child

The child to be sponsored can be picked by you the sponsor. I have profiles on each child. Some families like to choose a child who is of similar age to their own. If you have no particular preferences I am happy to allocate you a child, which is generally the neediest of children trying to access the KACSU program.

When you sponsor a child you are encouraged and most welcome to communicate with them directly.

You are provided with regular school updates, photos and letters and it is hoped that a strong relationship will be built over time. Such contact is invaluable to the kids. You are also welcome to visit.

KACSU is a small, yet developing project. I am happy to answer any concerns or questions regarding the sponsorship program or any other aspects of the centre. I can assure you that by sponsoring a child into the KACSU program you will be giving them a chance to a better future by providing them with that pathway.

Thank you for your time

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