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Child Sponsorship Concept

The concept of individual child sponsorship was arrived in the year 2013 because it is not possible anymore to get funding from foundations as we have been doing since inception of Kacsu. Most foundations are experiencing financial difficulties and some have changed their policies altogether. So we as members of kacsu decided to look for an alternative to continue assisting these children so that they can continue with their education without disruption.
Out of 150 children we have supported since 2007 we have picked 70 very desperate cases that without any sponsorship they will automatically drop out of school. The other lot whose parents are struggling will be assisted along the way.

We have put a maximum of :

  • €400 euro / US$500 per child per year ( Primary boarding schools)
  • €500 / US$625 per child per year ( High school children.)

As you may have noted here, the cost implications have reduced since we started our proposed projects and they have been profitable and hence helped fund some of our other projects

This money can be remitted on monthly basis or termly. We have three school terms in Kenya. Jan-march, May to July and Sept-Nov.

Save for the children in Eldoret Hostel, the other children attend boarding schools in other regions within the Republic of Kenya. We started the hostel in Eldoret in 2008 that accommodates most of the children from Western and Rift Valley regions for ease of supervision and care. Most of these children cannot commute to school everyday since they come from far. It’s also for their security since these children are prone to either being attacked (verbal or physical) or even kidnapped while walking long distances to schools.

Primary schools in Kenya are free but we have to cater for food and other basics in boarding school.
High schools are not free. So we pay both tuition and boarding fee.

The money shall be used for ;

  • Fees (high schools)
  • Boarding fee ( both)
  • Full Uniforms ( one pair each year)
  • One good weekend dress/outfit and shoe( once a year)
  • Medical check-up ( once a year)
  • Basics for the children eg tooth brushes, soap etc ( termly)
  • Maintenance of facilities ( once a year)
  • Administration and mentorship

Each sponsor will get a letter from their ‘child’ and can view a video clip in our website on regular basis. We shall also provide termly school report for the children and also annual audits for each child.The sponsor can write to the child too through us by email or through ordinary post and allowed to send small gifts to the child/children.


After wide consultation with several stakeholders we have decided that it is also possible when it comes to sponsorship of children, we could also have

  1. Group sponsorship whereby several people can adopt/sponsor one child or

  2. Monthly contributions instead of annual lump-sum or

  3. Have small contributions towards buying the Non-sponsored children certain items for school.

Whatever money that is availed to us will be used for the benefit of those who totally have no sponsors. Thank you.

Our account no for sponsorship is;

AFEAC: Euro account




A/C 9302812080300


We also intend to open accounts in Australia and Netherlands to reduce bank charges.
We shall come back to you on that in due cause.

Thank you for having decided to support this worthy cause.

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