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Beatrice Alosa
Name: Beatrice Alosa
Age: 10 yrs
Father's Name: John Nyangala Onyango
Mother's Name: Rose Salome
Guardian: Parents
Siblings: 2
Gender: Female
School: Thika Primary School for the Blind
County: Kakamega
Country: KENYA


Beatrice's Profile

Beatrice was born in kakamenga District in western region of Kenya.  The parents moved to Nairobi and now live in Nairobi Kibera Slum.  The father is casual cleaner privately employed in a neighbouring affluent home (estate) and the mother is a house wife.

They live in one-roomed house in the slum in Nairobi with her parents and two other siblings. She was happy to join Kacsu and boarding school because she says she can now have three meals a day unlike when she is home. They can only afford porridge in the morning and one meal in the evening.The parents are very needy.

Alosa joined KACSU this year 2012 and brought to Thika School.  She has shown good learning abilities in education.  Currently she is in class 7.

We are seeking sponsorship to take care of her education needs that include school fees, uniforms and some of her basic needs. This amounts to 400 euros per year.
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