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Name: Damiel Juma
Age: 9 yrs
Guardian: Parents
Siblings: 5
Gender: Female
District: Uasin Gishu
Country: Kenya

DIANA's Profile

Diana was born 9 years ago to at Simat village in Uasin Gishu county. She has 5 siblings. Her youngest sister and herself have albinism.

Her father is a casual laborer and the mother is a house wife. He looks for odd jobs to do but sometimes the jobs are not available. The little he earns is not enough to support all the children leave alone take Diana to school.

They live in a grass thatched house in a very small piece of land.

We can classify her as very needy.

She joined Kacsu in 2014 and now in class 4. She started school in our programme.

She is a very happy social and outgoing girl.

She is also very intelligent.

She is lucky to have gotten a sponsor last year. She has been adopted by Ruth  Wiegeren and her family from Holland.

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