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Pauline Nduku
Age: 9 yrs
Guardian: PARENTS
Siblings: 1
Gender: Female
School: Illula Primary School
County: Kibwezi
Country: Kenya

Pauline's Profile

Pauline was born in kibwezi district in the Eastern region of Kenya. She  is the second child in the family of 2. The brother who is 9 years old has albinism ( Nicholas Muasya)and is supported by Kacsu from Thika School for the blind.  The parents are very poor. The father is a casual worker who seeks daily work in people’s farm for some little pay.  The mother is a house wife.

Kacsu has been giving Pauline sun-lotion, lip-balms (only recently), hat and counseling to the mother who has sworn not to have more children because she is scared of getting another child with albinism. She the mother says her neighbours have shunned her for giving birth to two children with albinism.The parents can be categorized as very needy
Both of them have been in Kacsu programme since 2010. 

Currently she is still at home because she is not old enough to go to boarding school. We are encouraging the mother to enroll her in nursery school near their home till she grows older. 
We are seeking for a sponsor to take care of her  nursery fees at home, ,uniforms and her basic needs.

This amounts to 400 euros per year.

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