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Name: Griffin Makanga Opeywa
Age: 14 yrs
Father's Name: Whereabouts Unknown
Mother's Name: Sela Atieno
Guardian: Mother
Siblings: 2
Gender: Male
School: Ilila Boarding Primary School Eldoret
District: Uasin Gishu
Country: Kenya


Griffin's Profile

Graffin was born in Kapsegere Village in Kapsabet County - Kenya. He is from a single mother who sells second hand clothes and shoes at the local market to sustain herself and two other children. She is very needy. The father of her children deserted her after she gave birth to Griffin who has albinism.He is  also of very low vision.

He  joined Kacsu programme in January 2011 and  is in class 7. He is doing well in class and given support he will not only make it in school but also later in life.

We are seeking sponsorship for him to take him through primary school, high school and college later.His needs are mainly boarding fees and uniforms.
This amounts to 400 euros per year.

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