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Age: 12 yrs
Father's Name: PATRICK MIBEI
Mother's Name: PAMELA MIBEI
Guardian: Parents
Siblings: 1 (Diana)
Gender: Male
School: Eldoret Illula School
Country: KENYA


Tony's Profile

Tony  was born in Moiben Village within Uasin Gishu district in the Rift Valley region of Kenya. This is a region that is known to regard children with albinism as a taboo and a curse to the family. Infact in yester years children born with albinism in this region were killed at birth.

Tony  is the first child in the family of 2. The Sister who is 11 years old has albinism too (Diana Chepchirchir). The parents are very needy. The father is a small scale farmer planting mainly food crops.  The mother is a house wife. The mother says she is isolated by her in-laws and  neighbours for having given birth to two children with albinism hence has also sworn never to get any other child for fear that the child will have albinism too.

Both of them have been in Kacsu programme since 2009. He is currently in class 6 
We are seeking sponsorship to take care of his fees, uniforms and his medical needs.
This amounts to 400 euros per year.

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