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Lina Waithera
Name: Lina Waithera
Age: 15 yrs
Father's Name: Whereabouts Unknown
Mother's Name: Mary Goiri
Guardian: Grand Mother
Siblings: 3
Gender: Female
School: Thika primary School for the Blind
County: Murang'a
Country: KENYA


Lina's Profile

Lina was born in muranga District in the central Region of Kenya.  Presently she lives with the grandmother after being left behind by the mother. The mother decided to run away a year after her husband took off when Lina was born with albinism. She has two sisters who live with the mother. 

Being the first child she has faced discrimination from the rest of the family. The grandmother has struggled to ensure that Lina gets educated. The grandmother is a small scale farmer and faces difficulties especially in getting the basic needs for Lina. 

Since the reception of KACSU, Lina has been able to find comfort.  She is bright and only requires support to achieve educational goals. Her needs are mainly boarding fee, uniforms and good clothing. We  are seeking  sponsorship for her to see her through her schooling and college later. She is in form 4.

This will cost 500 euros per year
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