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Name: Penina Jemutai
Age: 14 yrs
Father's Name: Obadiah Bii
Mother's Name: Irene Bii
Guardian: Mother
Siblings: 8
Gender: Female
School: Ilula Boarding Primary School, Eldoret
District: Nandi
Country: Kenya


Penina's Profile

Penina was born in cheptilil village Kapsimotwo Sub-Location-Nandi County –Kenya  on 1st June, 2003.  She is 14 yrs old. She is eight (8th) born in the family of eight children.  She has an older sister with albinism (Judy Jelagat) also in kacsu programme. Their father deserted them for reasons that in the Nandi Culture it was a taboo to get a child with albinism. That he was scared the whole family would get cursed.

The 8 children have been living with the mother who is now single and has no income at all. She tills her small land to grow food but it’s not sufficient to sell and take the children to school. The family is extremely needy.

Before the two children were brought to Kacsu the mother had also given up on them and was at the point of poisoning them. They were rescued by the local administrator after the neighbours learned of it. Non of the children had been to school until they joined the programme. Luckily she has been able to catch up in class and doing very well.

When she joined the programme she had bouts of nightmares when she recalled the hardship she underwent back home before she joined us. She is now a happy child, and she is currently in class 7.

We seek sponsorship for her boarding fees, good clothing and uniforms.
This amounts to 400 euros per year.


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