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Name: Sharon Malina
Age: 18 yrs
Father's Name: Edward Vidolo
Mother's Name: Judy Ationy
Guardian: Step Mother
Siblings: 4
Gender: Female
School: Ilula Boarding Primary School, Eldoret
District: Uasin Gishu
Country: Kenya


Sharon's Profile

Sharon Malina was born with albinism on 5/06/1999 in Kesses village –Uasin Gishu County -Kenya.  She is 18 yrs old and now in form 3. She is being brought up by the step mother since her mother deserted them after she gave birth to two children with albinism and thought she had been cursed.  The stepmother has two other children making a total of 4. Her follower Peris Atuvuka  who is 15 years now has albinism too. 

The father is a driver but has no permanent employment and the mother is a house wife. They do not own land but live in her grandmother’s homestead .The grandmother has a small portion of land where they grow some food. The land is too small to generate any income. The father’s income has been little hence he was unable to take her and the other siblings to school.

She started her schooling when she joined Kacsu four years ago. Although she began late and is older than most of her classmates she has worked very hard and hence doing very well in class. She has a bright future if supported. She also low vision and uses prescription glasses.
Her needs are boarding fees, uniforms and good clothing. She also lacks basics like soap , tooth-brushes etc

This amounts to 400 euros per year.

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