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Kenya Albino Child Support programme is a Non- profit organization based in Kenya. The same was registered in 2007 with the sole purpose of helping needy albino children access education.  

We are passionate about Kenyan children been given the opportunity and resources to attend school. In particular we  think the giftof education is even more of a necessity for the most vulnerable in our society as a means ofmaking them independent and giving them the tools necessary to thrive in life.Also to instill a belief in themselves and their future regardless of them being born with Albinism

We also provide access to other basic necessities in order to improve their chances in life.

We support 70 children with albinism. Already 20 children have individual sponsors from different countries. And four are sponsored by a local insurance company.

Our project is based in Eldoret. These children come from different counties in the country. We do also support a few children in other schools in Thika, Kitui and Kibera. Whereas the other centres are boarding facilities, in Kibera we support the children from their homes. We pay their tuition and lunch fee in different schools within the slum.

Eldoret Illula project was started in 2008. We have constructed a boarding facility for 60 children with albinism. Currently we have 40 children in Illula primary school and 5 in high school at Illula High School. We still have a list of new children who are awaiting sponsorship in order to join the programme.
We have been fund-raising from different international foundations/donors in order to pay for the school fees and meet the other basic necessities like sun-lotions, prescription glasses, reading devices, health-checkups, uniforms, hats, good clothing,and sanitary pads for the girlsas well as maintain children at the hostel in Illula. 
We have also started a new concept of individual child sponsorship. We have put all our very needy children profiles in our website and encouraging donors to sponsor one or more children so that we can be assured that a child will be taken through school and eventually college or university.
Some of our children are herein below with their reading stands;( illula hostel eldoret) 

We have also started a self-sustaining project by keeping dairy cows in a modern farm near the school. We managed to buy 5.5 acres through funding and have also been funded by various organizations to modernize it. At least the children can get milk on daily basis, eggs and vegetables. We sell surplus to meet our other expenses.

The farm has also provided employment to persons with albinism.( Robert loading grass from another farm for the cows).

Through the help of Royal Dutch Visio we have started training albino youth at the farm. We have teachers who train in Agriculture, livestock management, poultry keeping and book/record keeping.
These has helped the youth who could not make it to high school or other colleges to acquire a skill and better their lives.

These are the youth who are now in training at the farm( foto)
Vision through Kacsu also train teachers in Integrated schools on how to teach/handle low vision children with albinism.We have had such trainings in the Northrift region of kenya and in October we are having training in the Central part of Kenya. ( Video clip)

Below is a photo of the tomatoes in our green houses,poultry and cows in the farm

Below are two photos of the spraying machine and the cooling plant at the farm. These facilities have really modernized our farm.

We realized that we have a lot of cow dung that has been going to waste. The same can be converted into cooking gas and used for cooking for the students who are attending training in the farm. We also have two Veterinary student from Netherlands doing their attachment in the farm and providing the farm workers with new skills hence biogas will really lower our electricity costs.

In January 2015 with the help of a Dutch organization we started constructing Biogas andnow just last week the gas has formed and we have connected with the cooker and ready to be used. This is our newest project.

CHILDREN:Currently our main challenge has been to secure all the children with a sponsor because besides the 24 who are fully sponsored or rather have individual sponsors, 46 have no sponsors and we have to struggle to get funds  to keep them in school.

It has also been a big challenge when we are required to take the children for school or other activities including to the doctor for health checkups because we do not have transport. We have to hire transport which is quite costly. We would therefore like to fundraise for a 45 seater mini-bus.

FARM: we have acute water shortages during the dry seasons. We rely on a hand drilledborehole and rain water to run the farm and the hostel. But during the dry season we encounter huge problems because we have to fetch water from the river with a pickup on daily basis and it’s very costly.

We would like to drill water in the farm. This will sort out all our water problem and  enhance our profitability because we can now grow crops throughout the year.

We have managed to construct two classrooms and a modern Kindergatten for our small ones from the programme and also from the community but we need a Kitchen and a dining hall for the students. We have a make-shift kitchen and the trainees and the nursery children use the classroom to eat from.

We are also hoping to get funds to put up a home at the farm for the children who are not able to go for holidays back in the villages. This has been necessitated by the fact that the school management wishes to take control of the facility we had constructed for the children since it is in their land.

Kind regards

Mary Kiptoo

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